About Me

Leslie Muir is a writer, artist and poet. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, two spirited sons and a big German shepherd who dreams at her feet while she writes.

A few facts about Leslie: She likes to chop innocent vegetables and turn them into something delicious. She listens to all kinds of music. She doesn’t have a tattoo, but enjoys looking at them. She often has paint in her hair. She loves goldfinches, farmer’s markets, lopsided pinch pots and small bookstores. She doesn’t like raw onions and malls. She thinks there’s nothing better than burrowing in bed with a book during a thunder-boomer. Her favorite noises are baby gurgles and her mom’s big laugh. If she could, she’d invent a “Stop Growing!” machine for her two sons.

Leslie’s stories almost always include her three life essentials: an offbeat sense of humor, great food and good friends.